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Mason Window & Door Products

Mason Windows manufactures quality windows and exterior doors and provides builders, architects, and contractors with wide variety of options to help in creating a unique look for your clients’ homes.  We manufacture all of our products and their components with a high level of energy efficiency and performance that we back with the Mason Product Guarantee.


Our vinyl windows and doors are an extruded multi-walled vinyl product that is manufactured in our plant and are virtually maintenance free.  Vinyl is a safe and secure alternative to wood as it will not support combustion and is an excellent insulator.

Mason Windows provides vinyl products in an extensive range of designs and sizes.  Our vinyl products are easy to clean and maintain and will provide energy savings for your clients.

MasonGard / MasonClad

Our wood windows and doors are manufactured with top quality white pine.  The MasonGard paint offers limitless colour opportunities.  Our application systems provides a good protection to the exterior wood while providing a smooth, high quality finish.

MasonClad is a PVC extruded exterior vinyl cladding which is designed to fit over any natural exposed wood and requires little to no maintenance, but serves to protect the pine underneath.

Vintage Series

Mason Windows provides external grilles for our windows which are created by bonding solid profiled vinyl muntin bars to the exterior and interior glass surfaces which offers a traditional design to any window.  The Vintage Series is available for most of our products.

Our Commitment to Quality

Mason Windows has had a time honoured commitment to quality for every product we manufacture.  Our products are tested in accordance with the CSA Standard A4440 and are backed with the Mason Product Guarantee.

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